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12+ VBS Certificate Templates for Students of Bible School (Church Themed)

If you are conducting a class to make the kids in your area understand the value of life, then you can use any of these VBS certificate templates for free. Directly click on them to download and edit them with the kid’s details to give them during or at the end of the program. Also, get some tips from this page to effectively run a VBS program.

VBS Certificate Templates

Vacation Bible school is a program recognized across the world and is conducted by churches. It is a volunteer service program aimed at educating kids about the value of life. In general, it is a week-long program held during summer vacation for kids.

Most of the countries conduct such program during the month of July. VBS certificate templates can be used to give a certificate to those kids for attending the school, completing the course, making some achievements, and many other reasons. You can use these templates per your wish to edit them and give it to kids. Kids will spend their time during vacation learning about God and at the same time feel proud to add the certificate to their list.

Lifeway VBS Certificate Template


The curriculum of a Lifeway VBS course  

When I say bible school, then kids might not be keen on attending the class fearing lessons and homework. But trust me lifeway curriculum includes bible preaching in a fun manner. They will have the following sessions.

  • Prayer
  • Stories from bible
  • Art and Craft classes
  • Fun games
  • Puppet show
  • Songs
  • Team building activities
  • Skit

These programs are offered to kids across age group. They make groups and teach kids in the same order with different level of toughness. A seven-year-old and a seventh-grade kid cannot understand the same thing. So the lessons will be separated and taught accordingly.

This will undoubtedly make kids love the VBS lessons. Lifeway VBS certificate template can be used to give out to kids who complete the course. On the last day of the class, the kids can be given with certificates. Even some competitions can be held, and certificates can be issues. Usually, it is good to conduct program not more than 4 hours and five days a week.

Kids can spend time, learn and get a certificate as well. Try to follow Lifeway curriculum in your church and make your community kids get benefited.

Benefit To Kids From VBS Certificate Template

  1. Kids always feel glad about getting certificates for their achievements.
  2. They learn to get along with kids from different school and age groups.
  3. It is good for them to learn about religion, god, and moral values in their childhood.
  4. Bible stories are a great way to make good human beings. Lessons of Lord Jesus will teach kids about truth, sacrifice, and love.
  5. They can spend time with kids unlike wasting time at home watching TV and getting addicted to all kind of gadgets.
  6. Kids who attend VBS grow as loving human being and know the value of life.
  7. Younger kids can still learn to stay away from home and get back during nights. They will learn the camp life from their small age.
  8. It is the best way by which kids get moral values for their life.
  9. Giving out certificates will make them competitive, and they will learn the right way to fight to stand number one.

VBS Certificate Of Completion Template


VBS completion certificate need not be given only for completing the course but can be presented at the following times.

You can use the completion template to give it to kids when they complete a particular task. Yes, provide them with some group activity after each class and let them know the way to end the mission. Allow them to do their homework and come back with the action. This will enable them to work together, think creatively, and show their talent. At the end of the session after everyone displays their talent give the completion certificate for that activity. This will build an actual competition and kids will learn and execute things in their VBS class.

Another way to give completion certificate is giving out a test every day after some lessons. Tests are not encouraged by kids. So you can provide certificates to motivate them to study. Bible lessons are not taught to forget after the class, but they are life lessons and hence give a small test. But make sure that kids get some rewards. Use these completion certificates to those kids who scored the first three marks on that day test. The act of appreciation will motivate every kid, and all will work towards getting rewarded.

Finally, you can give these certificates to those who complete the course. Usually, it is a 5-day course. Conduct them in batches and have different levels so that every year kids get different lessons. 

Qualities Of Volunteers For VBS Course


The purpose of giving these Free VBS Certificate Templates is to support this small initiative taken by church administration. Yes, churches can make this event successful only with the help of volunteers who agree to take classes. Several people come forward to take VBS classes for free. That very gesture is appreciated, and we would like to be part of that initiative of VBS classes and hence offering free VBS certificate template.

VBS class volunteers prepare their classes and help the society learn about humanity. They do not charge any money for their service.

They invest time in teaching values to kids and thus contribute to a betterment of the country as a whole.

Also, they will know the right approach to move along with kids and teach spiritual stories. Making kids understand religion is not natural. These individuals do that by following the kid’s psychology and then preach lessons.

The certificates are designed to be awarded to these volunteers as well to acknowledge their support for the community.

Final thoughts

With a way back history to the Vacation Bible school to 1894, this concept is followed across churches till date. Most of the places conduct this course at free of cost and sites like ours help them get free certificate templates. If you are part of such programs, then feel free to download our templates for kids. Also, you can educate your church to start one if they haven’t yet. Let all of us work towards the noble cause of nurturing young kids about ethical values in life.

Given so much of terrorism and illegal act is growing in the recent year’s everyone must understand the value of vacation bible school and must encourage such programs. And these certificate templates will help to encourage students.

Best wishes to continue the excellent services!

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