Are you into teaching or training? Do you love to be an instructor to teach a sport? Already owning a coaching institute? Planning to start a training academy? Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?

Come you have landed at the right place. You want to provide training and hence you have started an academy. Best wishes to get more clients. We just don’t stop wishing you good luck but will provide you access to download free invoice templates.

Why invoice templates? It is because we want you to get paid on time, also make your clients feel that you are professional. Can an invoice do that? Yes, it is a professional document which will include the details of the coaching fees, training material cost if any, and the tax. You can send invoices to get paid and no more oral reminders will be required.

You own a company or a freelance coach does not matter, but you always be professional in offering service and getting paid. Here you go with an array of free coach invoice template which you can download, edit and send to the client.

Know what to include in an invoice

Invoice is a document that is used to raise a bill to the client in a professional manner. It contains the contact details of the service provider and the recipient. The service details which means in this article it is the coaching details. It can be any coaching including art class, educational tuition, sports training etc. So without giving vague details let us provide you with specific inputs about the coaching invoice.

There are three sections in the invoice as mentioned below

Section 1 – Heading, logo, contact details, and invoice details

This is the beginning section of the invoice where you can include the company name and invoice title. For eg – Ryan Sports Coach Centre – Invoice For the Month of Feb 2019.

Next, provide the logo of your company if you have any. Mention the contact details of your institute and the recipient details including physical address, email id and the mobile number. Do not forget to print your website address in case you have one.

Now, write the invoice date, and the invoice number.

Section 2 – Fees details

This section is used to provide your coaching details and the respective cost. It can have the cost of the materials used like books, or bad etc depending on the type of coaching you gave. Make a table as given below to specify details.

Finally, include total and calculate tax based on the country tax law and provide the total payable amount in figures and words.

S.No Coaching Details Materials


Duration Coaching Cost Material Cost Total Cost

Material + Coaching

1 IELTS training Books 8 hrs per day USD 100 Per hour USD 299 USD 800+ 299
Question paper


Section 3 – Signature and payment details

Sign the document and at last, don’t forget to let know the mode of payment and bank details. If card payment then mentions the bank name, branch, IFSC code and bank number. If you accept cheque, then give the recipient name in the respective bank.

So, you are done and this professional document will provide clarity to the recipient and they can make payment.

Learn How to edit the invoice template

  • Click download to save the template to your PC.
  • Open the template in word document or PDF based on the format you downloaded.
  • Make sure to click on each section to edit with your personalized details
  • Save and print or send via email

Does it sound Simple? Yes, it is indeed simple

Coaching receipt template Vs invoice template

Ok, so far we discussed the invoice and provided you guidelines to edit the template. But, now we would like to throw light about a coaching receipt. You can see many collections of receipts. Understand the difference between a receipt and an invoice. This will help you use them appropriately in your business.


Coaching Invoice Coaching Receipt
A professional document used to provide details about the coaching service to get paid A professional document used to acknowledge receipt of payment
Will be given before getting paid Will be given after getting paid
Mandatory document to collect payment from the client Optional document to be provided as an acknowledgement of payment
The invoice can become a receipt if you can mention a seal stating paid. The receipt cannot become an invoice


Sports coach invoice template

Need for sports coach is increasing as all are focusing to get involved in some physical activity. So if you plan to start a sports coaching business, then you can get some coach experienced in different sports and provide service by getting clients to your place. Alternatively, you can also send a coach to the client place to offer personal sports coaching. Irrespective of the type of coaching you provide, you need an invoice to raise bill and hence we have listed numerous model of invoices. Download them to edit and send to your client.

Sports coach service might include the cost for your service, space, and the equipment used. So choose the right invoice from here based on your specialization in sports.

Importance of Freelance coach invoice

Welcome, all freelancers. You can also raise an invoice to get paid. It is important that you use the coach invoice for your training service for the following reasons.

  • It is easy to keep track of clients and getting paid on-time.
  • Clients will get to know your professionalism and will refer your service to others.
  • The invoices can be used to let know new customers about your charges.
  • Best way to file tax for the income you earn in the freelance coaching business.


Coaching is a professional service and hence use invoice templates and edit them to get paid. It is the professional document helping you to track your clients for payment. Expand your business without worrying about the finance as these invoices will let you know your monthly income. You can plan accordingly and manage your expansion.

Happy Tutoring!

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