There are numerous driving services carrying thousands of goods from one place to another. Truck companies and truck drivers work actively while shifting your household items to their respective destinations. This task can be performed with ease and in a hassle free situation with a proper invoice handy for everyone.

Know more about Driver Invoice Template

Driver Invoice Elements

It is a receipt for the driver who is moving goods from one place to another. The invoice states the travel history along with payment details. This invoice is helpful for the driver to keep a track of the journey which carries the details of the things being delivered. There are chances that your customer might complain about lost or damaged goods.

  1. The invoice should state the quantity and description of the items being carried.
  2. It should also contain the rate at which the goods are being delivered along with delivery date and timings. This helps the driver to stay updated with the timeline.
  3. The invoice should also contain any additional expenses incurred on the travel
  4. A commercial invoice should also contain details of the driver with the vehicle model and number plate for identity recognition later.
  5. The account number, mileage and hours covered, gross and net amounts to be paid
  6. Fuel Consumed mentioned in a tabular or a grid format
  7. Company’s logo and Invoice with the signature of the receiver column

Structure of Invoice Template

There are a few details which are necessary to be included in the invoices.

Introduction section: the introduction area of the invoice should include the company details which is serving driving services

  • Company name
  • Company Address
  • Company telephone no and email address
  • Registration Number

Client details – This section mentions the details of the company or the individual. It mentions the name of the person or the company, their address Pin code, phone number and landmark

Invoice Number – Every invoice should compulsorily include an invoice number this number should be a mix of alphabets and numbers together.  A method also followed commonly is the mention of a client name as part of the invoice number.

Date of Invoice – It should indicate the date on which invoice was raised

Date of Payment – This date mentions the date by which payment should be made. This date should generally be around 30 -45 days from the invoice date.

Billing details – This section is generally in a tabular or a grid format. The description should include details like Gross amount, Vat Amount (in case of a registered company), Total Amount payable inclusive of taxes.

Payment Details – This section is specifically dedicated to the payment terms and conditions.  It should include banking details and payment timeline. Also, mention the interest rate to be charged in case of untimely payments.

Truck Drivers Invoice – Truck drivers are generally in the business of shifting goods be it the case of house shifting or a new office set up. But all these processes can be made hassle-free with one single step with a driving invoice. It is a snapshot of all your shipment details with the vehicle and the delivery services.

Need for a truck driver Invoicing – To easily avail payment it is important that a truck driver has all details regarding the goods being transferred. Even for the smallest of an item being delivered, a proper invoice makes things much easier and faster. Some of the genuine reasons for Trucking Invoice include recording sales transactions, easy tracking of client details like address and contact no etc. The invoice also gives you a glimpse on the payment part so you can stay on top of your payment due dates.  It also gives you the idea on your taxes and specific amount earned which makes the whole process of taxation hassle free. Consequently, it also helps in convenient bookkeeping streamlined and organized throughout.

Different types of Invoicing for truck services based companies

To meet the specific needs of your client it is recommended that you understand the different types of trucking invoices which can be used. You have a different relationship with your client and with a proper invoicing type are you are trying to maintain it thoroughly:

  • A standard invoice is the general trading based invoice which covers all your regular customers. It mentions the list of businesses or services you have provided to your clientele. Further, this invoice also helps in understanding the amount your client owes and the due dates for those
  • When you have a client for whom you have services rolling for a week or month in a continuous cycle a recurring invoice format is what you need. This invoice is mostly suited for a repetitive or ongoing payment cycle.
  • There are times when for a bigger project we prefer taking an advance payment for smoother functioning. But you need to give a proper to support the amount. A prepayment invoice helps you in collecting such invoices prior to the main invoice submission.
  • Hourly Invoice or time-bound invoices are a type which is commonly used where a specific amount of hours are invested for a job and are to be billed.
  • Credit Invoices is to help the client place a credit on his or her account in case of any refunds or rebates made for the particular business transaction.
  • There are circumstances where your original bill amount increases; a debit note helps you in raising the invoice against those.T he debits invoice just makes a clear note of the due amount.
  • Mixed Invoices are used in cases when there are multiple deals made in a single job. The job is easier as the description can together contain the amount for delivery and any credited amount earlier.

Important Parameters to be covered in a trucking Invoice:

Company Letterhead or Logo – It is significant that your invoices give a professional outlook. To create this impact makes sure your logo is present on the top of your bill. Also, make it a point that the word “invoice “is mentioned in the middle top of your invoice page.

Contact Information – This section must include details like full name, address, and phone number for you and your client’s company. Do make a note of the name going in the client’s name area, this is the person who is to clear his payments.

Invoice Reference Number – This section is responsible for accounting purposes. When a customer makes payment the reference invoice number is used for clearing Payments. They also help in any type of reconciliation needed in later years.

Invoice Date and due date – It helps the customer about the day accountable for payments.

Description of Work – This section is a full description of the services or goods that it is easy to understand.  In the case of different services do mention the different descriptions and quantity. Avoid using any industry shorthands.

Cost Details – This section is generally a tabular form which shows the number of hours, units purchased and the rate of every item purchased. In case of any discounts being offered on the same does make separate entries for easier communication.

Invoice Total – This is the total amount payable for all the services purchased. Make sure this is present at the bottom of the invoice.

Payment Methods– This section will mention ways on which you will be accepting payments. Also, including bank details and payment terms for your client’s better understanding.

Delivery Driver Invoice template

For deliveries to be convenient and hassle-free services a delivery invoice is all you need. This delivery invoice proves as your evidence as a receipt by your customers. At the time of any dispatch, the delivery person carries this invoice with the detail of the order being sent. This helps the customer in matching the shipment with the paperwork and further easily processing the payment. In case of the entries do not match the contents can be returned back. It also includes any record of outstanding after the order was delivered.

A Delivery Note is a paper that contains the information of your delivery being successfully made and it also points out that none of the items in the shipment was damaged. The buyer needs to sign the paperwork, once the consignment is received.  There are cases when the product does not match the requirement of the client, further, the buyer has every right to reject the delivery.

Basic Elements of Delivery Template

Order Date – This section provides a date on which date the order was placed.

Order Description – This description section contains the decryption of all items ordered. This also contains a shipment number which helps in tracking the order at various stages.

Customer Id or Client Number – This is the unique id given to your customer or client. This helps in tracking different orders of the same client.

Dispatch Date – This section mentions the exact time and date of the shipped goods.

Delivery Method – It mentions the mode of delivery to dispatch the shipment like courier, cargo, or air modes.

Shipping Address – This is the section where the dispatch needs to be delivered.  This can vary from the client’s official or registered address.

Invoice Address – This section mentions the address where the bill is to be dispatched or sent.

Seller’s company Address- This is generally present in the bottom area of the invoices. The address of your own company needs to be present.  Also there can be an additional statutory note that is according to your company rules.

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