Over millions of people are using social media every day. Twitter is the one among those hottest web media apps. How do you stand out among those millions of people? The answer is so simple-Yes, you can stand out with good and creative banners.

We are here to help you to create great looking designs to make your Twitter profile look professional and fresh. All you have to do is just select your favourite Twitter header from our awesome collection of layouts and customize the fonts, images, and colours to your liking. You don’t need any special graphic design experience or you should not be a pro to create incredible designs for Twitter Banner.

Let us get into the details to know about Twitter Banner in detail.

What is Twitter Banner





Twitter banner is simple, quick, and fun. It represents what you want to support, or the style you want to display, the message you want to communicate.

While creating a Twitter Banner, you can choose an image or photo as a background and use some quotes, and even shapes, to build an awesome header. If you are a pro in graphic designing, you can customize your banner using Photoshop or a website like Pixlr. You also have lots of easy and free websites to put together your banner details and fit it to the Twitter specifications.

Quick Tips for creating a Good Twitter Banner

Are you using Twitter to promote yourself, your business or brand? There are chances that no matter how convincing your tweets may be, a lacklustre Twitter banner leaves a weak impression. It is time for you to create a fresh and compelling Twitter banner now. We will do that for you by helping you with our dozens of pre-made templates. Start your exploration or browsing and design a beautiful and eye-catching banner for your Twitter profile now.

The banner making process might be similar to other social networks’ concepts, but there are a few things to consider before you start creating your own banner templates. Here are the few tips to consider.

  • Selecting an Image- The Original image size should not exceed 1252×626 pixels (with a max file size of 5MB). Twitter does not specify any minimum size dimensions, but you should consider that anything smaller than 640 pixels-wide will take poor quality. Since the header image is a horizontal bar, any landscape-oriented image looks better rather than a portrait vertical photo. Although you have options to resize the image according to your needs.
  • Text against Background- If you are creating your Twitter profile new, then it firstly, appears in a light-coloured font paired with a light-coloured photo which is difficult to read the text. Make sure to keep it simple since busy patterns also give the confusing and messy look to your banner. Better to choose an image that stands out your bio or profile like darker photos and contrast fonts.
  • Different Devices- Surprisingly, your new designs will not look or appear the same in all the devices. The mobile app like the iPhone falls under this category. Yes, users can see the Twitter Profile in two parts: one shows the user’s avatar and handle, and a swipe to the right reveals the user’s bio. But in iPad, everything is displayed on one page, just like the desktop.

Customize your Twitter header with these 4 simple steps

Change the images– Upload your own images or choose from the stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations for free from free websites.

Change the fonts– Choose from over 130 fresh fonts.

Change the background- Choose a background from any of the free website’s gallery or use an image.

Change the colours- Change the colour of your text and text boxes to add extra flair.

Boost engagement by updating your Twitter header regularly

Always keep your Twitter profile fresh, clean and encourage engagement by constantly updating your Twitter banner. Our awesome collection of templates helps you to do that job by adding fresh and inspiring Twitter banner layouts. Simply select your favourite layout and change the fonts, images, and colours to your liking.

Twitter’s guidelines for banner photos

Here are some recommended guidelines for banner images to keep in mind before we dive into some optimization tactics.

Banner photo recommended dimensions are 1500px by 500px. Banner Images can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG. (NOTE: Twitter never supports animated GIFs for profile or banner images.)

The Ideal Twitter Banner Size

Here’s what we recommend for your Twitter banner dimensions:

  • Use the recommended sizing of 1500px by 500px
  • Leave empty space at the top as well as the bottom of your header photo.
  • Leave ample space on the bottom left corner to account for profile pictures and different screen resolutions.

How to make a Twitter Banner

Thinking about Design

  • Decide what kind of style you want on Twitter
  • Choose a background image
  • Use an online website or Photoshop to adjust your image
  • Find a quote that suits your style
  • Consider adding shapes to your Twitter header

Putting Together Your Header

  • Use an online website to make your header
  • Use websites to edit your photos, a website with features similar to Photoshop.
  • Experiment with a photo editing application to make your Twitter header.

Uploading to Twitter

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the box that says Edit profile
  • Click the white camera icon
  • Select your saved image
  • Reposition and scale your header
  • Click Apply and then click Save changes

Final Words

Before you create professional graphics to help your banner to stand out in Twitter, you need to make sure that you re having right dimensions and sizes for your banners.

As I already told you, designing a Twitter banner is simple and easy. I hope our guide helps you to clear things up which allow you to perfectly size your twitter banner without running into any further issues. Use our pre-designed stunning templates to help you started.

How do you download twitter banners?

Downloading twitter banners to your desktop is easy and simple if you follow the steps mentioned below.
1) Open your twitter page and right click on your banner
2) Click on the tab called ‘Network’ and do reload the page
3) You will a mess of files loading. Here you can click file filters
4) Now click on the image button. Here you go your banner is downloaded.

What are the twitter banner size dimensions?

The official and recommended dimensions of a twitter banner are 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. These are the quick version
of dimensions that won’t work perfectly in every case.

How to make twitter banner?

1) Twitter is a place that gives a good opportunity to brand yourself. So, decide on what kind of style you want your twitter banner to be. Your banner style reflects the impression you want to give to the viewers.
2) Find a cool image for your background
3) Edit the images online using Photoshop or any website
4) Also give a simple quote that suits your banner theme and style
5) Upload to your twitter account

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