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Customer Service Award Certificate: 10 Templates that Give You Perfect Words to Award

The world has slowly turned into a global village and every second business in the industry is competing with each other. The fight is for gathering more and more customer base. But one industry has seen a tremendous growth i.e. the BPM industry which was considered a typical customer service oriented field.  The traditional setup has seen a shift in the work pattern. Currently, more and more industries are depended on this industry for betterment. Every product based or service based business needs a smart customer service team to drive the hyper-personalized experience with their customers.  This segment has become one of the most revenue generating streams and it also creates a new experience for your customer every day. They are the ones where all your customer queries are handled.  From assisting to understand the product to provide information they keep your clients’ satisfied. Thus to honour their hard work and day to day work pressure every organization gives customer service awards.

Customer Service Awards

Though in corporate sectors money is the most effective. There are times you need the recognition for your hard work. Different studies have suggested that the award should be inclusive of both monetary and non – monetary to create the maximum impact.  When you give your employee a financial award it might imply that the task you are doing is difficult. But when combined with a certificate of performance. It will surely create more buzz among your employees.

  • They are a professional method of communicating your recognition in the industry.
  • Secondly, they keep their morale high. Certificates of merit, honour or excellent performance if presented in the correct attitude show acknowledgement and motivate your employees

These awards are offered in different genres like Customer service representative of the month, Service star award, Diamond service Award, Long Service Award, Best Customer Representative award of the year etc.

Customer Service Award Wording

There are the 5 important W’s which should be answered through your certificate.

1st W – Who – Your certificate should clearly mention the name of your employee who is being rewarded.

2nd W- What – Every award has a name. The certificate title should have detail. For instance, the Star performer of the year, Customer Service star of the month.

3rd W- Where – the Sponsoring organization or company should always be a part of the certificate. It is part of every protocol and should always be included in the certificate.

4th W- When – This section is to understand the timeframe of the award. It could be a month, quarter or a year or for 5 years.

5th W-Why – This is the important section as it describes the reason for the award is given. For instance, 100% customer satisfaction rating etc.

Structure of the customer service award

Choose subtle colours and matching borders to give the certificate a nice outlook. Further, the certificate includes the following:

Company Logo – Located at the top centre of the certificate, this is the place where you use your company Logo. You can also use any alternative customized logo for this award ceremony in this section.

Title – This section of the certificate belongs to the title of the award. For instance, a customer service award or performer of the month award.

Introduction Wording – This section mentions the wording related to introducing the award

Option 1 – The award is presented to ___________ (Recipient name)

Option 2 – This is to proudly certify that ____________ (Recipient Name)

Option 3 – This is to certify that _____ (Recipient Name)

Award Criterion para– This section includes the information regarding the award. As the title has already been mentioned earlier. Precisely inform about the certificate importance.

Name & the title of authority – This section is signed by the head of the organizing committee or the head of that particular vertical.  The signature is followed by the name and designation of the official.

Date – This section mentions the date when the award is being presented.

Institute Name –  This section includes the name of the organization or association who is sponsoring the award.

Suggestion for customer certificate award 

  • Matching certificate covers adds to the certificate and looks graceful while presenting
  • Your message should be in sync with the introductions and the title

Few Templates or Examples for your reference

Certificate of long Customer service award template

This certificate is given to employees who have served for a long period of time in the organization. They have stayed with the organization with its ups and downs. To acknowledge the commitment and patience of such employees towards the organization, these awards are given.

These certificates are a little more outlandish than the normal certificates. the use of colours is elegant and classy like golden and brown.

The certificate starts with the company logo, recipient name and then we go on to appreciate their years of long service with words like Thank you for the 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to our organization

Alternatively, we will suggest a few more wording options for these certificates:

We start with- In appreciation for your loyal service and outstanding accomplishments followed by the Recipient’s name, Year of the award and logo

5-year Customer Service Award Template/10-year Customer Service Award Template

This certificate is to honour the 5 years or 10 years of commitment of an employee towards an organization.

the title mentions the wording “Certificate of Appreciation “followed by the introductory wordings

______ (Recipient Name) has achieved an important milestone with our company, the men and women who ably and competently conduct our business particularly those who dedicate years to the organization

President and CEO __________ (Name) at ____________ (Company Name)

Signature ___________ and Date _______ the logo could be present in between the signature and the date or at the bottom corner.

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