The BEST time of year is giving little Zumba cheer to your near and dear!! In regards to Zumba Fitness Studios and exercise lovers, Zumba gift certificate is always a low-cost promotion to bring in new revenue to the fitness studios in addition to promote their services at the same time. People who are excited to spend hours in the gym love to receive such an amazing fitness related gift certificates but now-a-days people enjoy giving such a wonderful gift too in order to show their love towards their fitness freaky friend in their life.

What are you waiting for!? Treat and encourage your loved ones, friends and co-workers to join the gym by getting them a zumba gift certificate. If you are looking for such a nice and attractive fitness gift certificate for the girl or boy in your life, we offer a variety of zumba gift certificates that are perfect to get them dancing literally! What’s so special about our certificate templates!? Let us have a glance at the specialties of our templates.

  • Free downloadable
  • Free editable and printable
  • Customizable
  • Design your own certificate with your own favorite texts and font styles
  • Easily available and Ready to use
  • Professional look
  • Right wording
  • Images included

What not!! Our free and ready to use zumba gift certificate templates satisfy you in each and every aspect you look for. Gifting zumba gift certificate is a perfect way to motivate or encourage your loved ones (sometimes inspires your lazy friend or spouse) so that they can rock in zumba studio in their own style. All you need to do is pay it earlier and share the zumba love! J

What is Zumba Gift Certificate?

Zumba gift certificate is one of the best fitness gifts for fitness lovers to keep them motivated and happy all year. Most companies or fitness studios use different forms of services to promote their offers on variety of packages they offer. Zumba gift certificates are great examples of such promotions that boosts not only sales but also encourages customers to hit the gym.

Zumba gift certificate is a card that resembles a credit card you can use to avail any discounts or gifts at specific stores. Sometimes, these gift certificates are available in the form of paper certificates as well. They have a fixed monetary value, fixed expiry date, fixed amount of discount, validity duration details, cash back details etc.

Different Types of Zumba Gift Certificate

In this 21st century, exploring different wellness practices is just not a trend but became a lifestyle. Zumba is the one among them. Some research suggests that zumba has become the favorite workout for people who hate to exercise since then it is proved itself as more of a party than a work out. Check out our favorite zumba gift certificate templates given below. Also add few of these to your favorite gift certificate lists.

Zumba Gift Certificate (Free Classes)

Create a gift certificate that looks simple and striving. This is perfect for those who hate to hit gym or to exercise, literally to your lazy friend. J Too many discounts on the gift card can make your friend feel boring. Some may not get time to utilize the discounts and offers that are available on the gift certificates. If that is the case, your idea of gifting a zumba gift certificate will go in vain. So to make it simple and encouraging, this gift certificate includes only the offer of claiming first 8 zumba classes free. It also includes the place and dates of attending the classes. Great! This certificate looks like a perfect gift for those who wants to start up some fitness program. Gift and introduce some Zumba cheer!

Zumba Gift Certificate (50% off)

This zumba gift certificate gives you flat 50% off on all the zumba courses available. This is a perfect gift during festive seasons or holiday seasons. The gift certificate also includes the expiry date, authorized fitness studio details, and also the logo.

Zumba Gift Certificate (Duration)

If you are willing to give your dear ones a gift that lasts for months, then this is the perfect one. This zumba gift certificate gives you free zumba classes for 3 months. Sound awesome right! Download and print for free.

Zumba Gift Certificate (summer)

 This zumba gift certificate gives you 50% cash back for summer zumba classes. This is a perfect gift for people who don’t find time for themselves due to their daily responsibilities. Summer is a holiday vacation for most of the people. So, people who are free in summer vacation can avail this gift coupon happily. The certificate includes validity dates, monetary value.

Zumba Gift Certificate (for every class)

Sounds amazing right!! What will be the best fitness gift rather than this!! Yes, this certificate gives you up to 35% discount on every zumba class you attend.

Zumba Gift Certificate (Valid in different states)

OMG! It is very much interesting. Now you can gift your friend or loved one who is in other states as well using this zumba gift certificate. Because this zumba gift certificate gives up to 30% off for all zumba classes all over the states.

Zumba Gift Certificate (Cashback)

This zumba gift certificate gives you up to 25% instant cash back for your upcoming zumba classes. The only thing you need to check for validity duration. You cannot avail the discounts or offers once the certificate expires.

We have seen different types of zumba gift certificates but there are some terms and conditions to avail the discounts and offers on the certificates that are gifted. Let us see what they are!

Terms and Conditions to use Zumba Gift Certificates

By using the zumba gift certificate, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions mentioned on the certificate. So, we recommend you to read the following common terms and conditions carefully before you use it.

  • Redeeming zumba Gift Certificate
  • View Balance
  • Expiry
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Zumba reservation of rights
  • Contact details
  • Cancellation policy
  • Refunds policy for purchases made with a gift certificate

So, carefully read the terms and conditions while buying zumba gift certificates. A fitness gift certificate like zumba gift certificate provides a more experiential gift.

Final Words

Creating your own zumba gift certificate is now easy with our free gift certificate templates available in different formats like word, pdf etc. Feel free to customize it to your style. Just browse design examples, download, edit and print. All for free absolutely! Have a try!

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