Zumba!! I am sure most people are aware of this most popular exercise craze. In recent years, the word zumba has created a buzz and of course with a good reason. Also, this amazing work out program grows in popularity more and more every single day. But why? What makes it so popular? Dancing to the beats of flamenco, salsa, and merengue music makes us feel like we are having a dance party more than a work out which exactly makes zumba so popular.

Whatever may be the field, ‘Appreciation’ makes a huge impact on one’s personal caliber and mental fitness. So, why don’t we use beautiful certificates to reward someone (who deserved to be honored) in zumba fitness program field as well!? Whether you’re working as a zumba instructor to a small group of people or leading a high-powered corporate zumba fitness company, certificates of honor, achievement, and merit can be heartfelt, sincere, and personalized ways of saying, “Thank You.” We offer a variety of easy to download and print Zumba certificate templates. These award certificate templates are a convenient way to acknowledge others’ successes or show your appreciation for their efforts during fitness program.

If you would like to download our free printable and ready to use customizable zumba certificate templates, you are just a click away. Continue reading to get more information about our templates.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a Latin inspired, easy to follow, effective, calorie burning dance fitness program. In fact, it is a revolutionary fitness program that came into market in 2001. Over years it has become the largest dance fitness program around the world. It is created by Colombian dancer Alberto Perez.

Zumba is such a good time for a lot many people all around the world that consists of dance steps like salsa, samba, merengue, and mambo with a little mix of hip-hop. It is otherwise called as ‘dance fitness party’. At first, zumba is introduced to the world through DVD’s and later this exercise program has taken off. Now, zumba fitness sessions are enjoyed everywhere from fitness studios to youtube channels. Zumba has stood out and created its name and fame kicking away all other exercise and fitness programs.

Amazing benefits of zumba

Let us take a closer look at the amazing benefits of the zumba fitness program.

  • Promotes endurance
  • Burns calories
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases coordination
  • Full body workout

Zumba Certification

Whether you are looking to make some extra cash or for a career change, zumba is the right move! If you are willing to take zumba classes you must complete a Zumba Instructor Training to become certified.  The training program consist of an eight (8) hour workshop, completed in one day.  There is a price range on the basis of workshop, when you pay for the training (early, standard or rush) and the location (international locations will typically charge more).

Actually, all the Zumba Instructor Training programs include:

  • Zumba Instructor Workbook
  • Course CD(s)
  • Course DVD(s)
  • AFAA CEUs and/or ACE CECs
  • Zumba license (one year or more, depending on the license)

Once you finish the Zumba Instructor Training program successfully, you will receive an official Zumba Certificate of Completion, which works as your license for one full year.  The good part of this program is there is no written or formal practical exam to get an official license.

Types of zumba Instructors

Certified zumba instructors take zumba classes in fitness facilities, gym, and rec centres all over the world. They actually receive certification from zumba fitness franchise. Instructors are supposed to start any zumba program with basic zumba training courses. Usually, zumba offers two types of basic zumba training classes.

  • Zumba Basic 1- Provides the basic building blocks to create your own Zumba classes
  • Jump Start Gold- Teaches the Zumba basics for older participants

In addition, zumba also offers many specialty classes including zumba sentao, zumbatomic, zumba toning, and aqua zumba.

Here are the variety of zumba certificates we offer in our post. Let us learn what they are!

Best Zumba Instruction Certificate

This certificate template is granted for outstanding performance and for coordinating the best team during the zumba instructor program. You can directly download for free.

Zumba best Performer Certificate

This certificate is awarded to the one who gives their best in order to finish their zumba training program. This certificate encourages the participants to establish a good relationship with the training organization. Free to download and print.

Certificate of zumba Appreciation

Appreciating the achievement is always encouraging in any field. Certificate of zumba appreciation is presented to those trainers who has successfully completed the personal training program and the comprehensive examination required to receive certification as a zumba personal trainer. Customize your own template by editing the text in the template.

Certificate of zumba participation

A free certificate of zumba participation template is a professional certificate that is used by the zumba instructors, trainers and zumba training program conductors. This certificate tells that a person has been participated in an event, activity, competition, or training session. Get professional designed free customizable and printable certificates of zumba participation. Simple to use!

Zumba Recognition Certificate

This certificate is honoured to those for the sake of recognising their efforts, contribution, and accomplishment in the field of zumba. Great designs, free to download and easy to share online.

Zumba certificate Template

This certificate is used to reward someone who shows their outstanding performance and maintaining best team coordination in zumba training program. Our professionally designed certificate of zumba template features an elegant border along with customizable name, date, and presenter fields. Try it!

Zumba Dance Fitness Certificate

Do you like to dance for fitness!? Take your passion to the next level by rewarding dance fitness certificates. Many zumba dance fitness instructors use these certificate templates to create an inspiration to the Latin music and effective zumba lovers. Download for free and reward today!

Certificate of zumba gift

Treat your loved ones and friends with an amazing zumba gift certificate. If you want to make your own gift certificate, there’s no easier choice than our ready to use zumba gift certificate templates. Customize your own zumba gift certificates with a variety of themes, colors, and styles.

Certificate of zumba completion

Once you successfully join and complete the zumba workshop or any training program, you will get to earn a certificate of zumba completion. Those who get this certificate are eligible to teach or take zumba classes to others.

Zumba Training Completion Certificate

A certificate of zumba training completion proves that the course is really and completely done. Look through our awesome collection of zumba training completion certificate templates which you can customize to suit your purpose.

Final Advice

A Zumba instructor’s life revolves around the dance and fitness. On their way to fulfil his/her responsibilities, zumba instructor’s will get to meet new people, make new friendships and help needy people with their well-being and keeps them fit in the process. There are a lot number of growth opportunities in this field. Always it is highly suggestible to a zumba instructor to keep fresh by picking new music and dance movements when necessary in the process of incorporating new skills.

Can you teach Zumba without certification?

No, you cannot teach zumba without certification. The reason for that is legal and you need to get a licence to run zumba classes on your own. I would advise you to
get a proper license, as this way you will not violate any laws and you will become a better instructor for your students. The only way to get it is to go for an
official instructor training. In the training, you will get to know all about the science behind the zumba moves and become professional to teach others. After
proper training, you will be received a zumba certification.

How much does it cost to become certified in Zumba?

As of 2012, the costs of the classes range from $225 to $285. After completing a Zumba certification class, instructors are free to start teaching. The validity of
Zumba certification is for one year and must be renewed each year by moving up to a more advanced training class or retaking a basic class.

What is the age limit to teach and How do you become a certified Zumba instructor?

Generally, zumba instructors should be of 18 years old or older to teach or take zumba classes on their own. Coming to trainees, zumba allows 16-17 years old to take zumba
training classes. But they must provide a consent letter from the parents along with a signed liability form. Zumba wants its instructors to be the best in the industry and
maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors attain and maintain this status, Zumba provides numerous opportunities for continuing education
and requires all Zumba Instructors to update their skills in order to renew their instructor certificate.

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