Do you want to host a party and make your kids a great warrior? Would you love to make your children become agile and focused? Do you want to engage boys and girls of age group of 4 to 12? All you need to do is provide Jedi training and give out certificates. You can award them as Jedi knight with the free Jedi knight certificate template.

Ok, let’s explain you in detail as we understand what a Disney world’s special star war event has to do in the party celebration. But trust me, kids will have all fun on earth and also you can kindle the force they have within by training them on the star wars Jedi program.

Come let’s deep dive to learn more about the Jedi training, Jedi Academy and the best way to awaken the force.

Jedi Knight Certificate Template


Most Important Elements Of Jedi Knight Certificate Template

Getting ready with the Jedi robe is the first step to start the show. You need to divide the kids into two groups and give them many activities to make them think, fight, and play. This will improve the team spirit, they will know how to manage crisis and also fight out to a winning position. Let us discuss them in detail in the coming sessions and now we will explain you about what needs to be incorporated into the certificate.

Hang on, before that remember, we have given you all Jedi knight certificate templates for free and you can choose them to edit them and personalize. Simply printing them also will help you as we have taken sincere efforts and made enough collection.

Now, the main part is the components of the certificate. It is simple as you need to fill the name of the Jedi to be awarded which indeed is all kids who took part. A great design and a decorative background. Also, you need to mention wordings like the ones we have given in these templates. You can also edit them to add your own wordings. That’s all and you’re done with the certificate.

Who Deserves A Jedi Training Certificate Template 


Even though we mentioned that all kids who take part get a certificate. It is good to make a tough competition to teach children to earn their rewards. Understand that in any party you will organize a theme and that is star war or Jedi. Based on that you can give costumes to kids and arrange for events. Rank the kids based on the following criteria and award them the Jedi training certificate.

  1. Agility – Test their speed by assigning them some activities to ensure how speed they can act on it. This is the first quality to be possessed by the children and you can test this with some games.
  2. Focus – Then allow them to work on a particular task to check their focusing skills and elevate them to the next level. By now you know that they can act fast and also concentrate on the task.
  3. Fight – Make them in pairs and let them learn the fighting skill. This should be more of a self-defensive Please be with and let them not get aggressive.
  4. War – Once they master the self-defence techniques, then you need to make them in a group of two. Divide them in equal half based on the number of children. Also, ensure to have balanced age group in both teams. Introduce the Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister. Let two elders play this terrific demon role. The typical Disney show will have these characters. Let the kids wage war and send Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister back into the room. This war will give them a lot of confidence.
  5. Play Fair – Last quality but the most important one is the fair gameplay. The attitude makes the difference and that is tested based on how they participate, how much time they spend on the show, do they involve as a team etc.


Upon assessing these qualities you can get the certificates ready to issue to the little ones.

How To Run Jedi Academy And Issue Certificate Template 

The activities of the Jedi academy include the following

  • Treasure hunt – Make the Jedi search for the hidden treasure and this individual work will make them bold and they will act in a swift manner to find the hidden wealth.
  • Focus Game – The best game for testing the concentration of kids aged 4 to 12 is the egg and spoon race. Give them a spoon and ask them to rest a plastic egg on it and let them move around without letting the egg falling down.


  • Fighting Games – Here you can introduce the lightsaber training.
  • Fly Well – Fly into the death star game will let the Jedi fly well.
  • Water balloon wars are the final game before the graduation ceremony.

Things needed to host the show

Plastic egg, spoon, water balloon, printable lightsaber handles that fits the noodles, bubble wands, paper rolls, and finally the certificates.

So now you can start the game with your kids. You know the theme, the game details and the material details. Get set go and call your kids for a thrilling game show. They can participate and awaken their inner force.

Steps Involved in Printing the Star Wars Jedi Certificate Template For Free

You are aware of the star war party celebration steps. You need to get the certificates printed. This can be done using the following steps. Quickly click the download icon from this page and save the document in your system.

Open the certificate and edit them by mentioning the kid’s name, if required change the wordings. You can also include a date of celebration and add more colors to the certificate.

Save the changes and print them. Carefully choose the printer and the paper. You can use certificate glossy paper to print your certificate. Print in landscape mode. That’s all you are now ready to go with the certificate.

Final Suggestions

The Jedi training is an interesting event loved by all kids both boys and girls. This will make them involved in the party with all spirit. They learn to become confident becomes a warrior and awakens their inner force. So always follow the steps suggested in this page to make the event more vibrant. The games you choose must help kids learn and grow their esteem. Never let them down by making any differences.

Instead, teach them to work as a team and motivate the best qualities within each kid. Play on their strength and it will allow them to feel proud. To make the event more realistic you give them the Jedi robes. They will not cost you more and you can take help from elder kids to make DIY Jedi dresses. Kids will love to play the show in the actual Disney presented Jedi show and provide an opportunity to let every kid have the same fun provided in the Disney show.

Finally, choose our certificate templates for free and you can gift all kids to add a star to their happiness.

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