Are you a professional jewelry appraiser? Do you have the required qualification? Planning to start a business to offer appraisal services? Then you have come to the right place. You can use our jewelry appraisal invoice template for free. Why do you need an invoice template? You need to raise a bill to get paid from your client and for that, you can use these invoices. Also, you can feel free to use our jewelry appraisal certificates to issue an assessment document for your customers. So this section will brief you about the invoice template, its uses and the best way to create them.

Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance Invoice Template


There are times when people get their jewels appraised for insurance purposes. You need to work more hard to provide the details as this will get verified by the experts and only then insurance will be confirmed. So you need to visit the lab for testing the quality. Write a cover letter stating the purpose of the evaluation. Grade the jewel and then write a detailed report. Therefore your service charges will be more than the usual and here you go with the details to include in the invoice template. Many times people are not aware of the efforts you take to create a document. So it is a must to use a separate form and state the services individually and get paid.

Apart from the usual title, address, invoice number, amount in words, and a signature section which will the same for both the description part will have the following details.

Jewelry Information

Laboratory charges – This will include the cost for your service and the lab charges which you paid to get the jewel checked. You cannot set up your lab initially and you will depend on lab services for which you must charge. Then, the cover document preparing charges. Again another cost will include the grading service. For the usual evaluation, grading is not required. However, for insurance purposes, you need to give the grade quality of the jewel. This will ensure the worth of the product and the insurer will fix charges for loss of the jewel due to theft or fire or any other natural or man-made calamity.

What Should You Include in Your Jewelry Invoice


Before learning the details we would like to give you an assurance that you can use the invoice in a word, excel, and PDF format for free. Any format you use depends on the situation but the basic elements of every format remain the same. Yes, let’s get started

Begin with the title as simply jewelry invoice template or your business name. Use a bold font but not all capital. Let it be in a readable format.

Next, give your contact details and next to the details of the recipient. Include invoice number and date.

Then make a table to include the jewel details like its name, type, description, weight, color, and then charges for appraising it.

Add the tax for each item and then find the total.

Write the amount in words and mention the date before which the amount is to be paid.

Signature and Seal.

At the back of your invoice mention the instructions if you have any as well as the terms and the conditions. This can help you collect your payment on time. Penalty fee and other details should be mentioned clearly to avoid any delay in payment.

Why use our free invoice template

You may wonder about why these templates are offered for free. It is because we would like to help you grow your jewel appraisal service. There are not many genuine appraisers available in the market. We would like to motivate your efforts and support you.

You can use these templates for free and stay assured that they are prepared considering all the facts in mind like the details to include in the invoice. The detailed services for simple appraisal, an insurance appraisal, or for selling the jewel.

Using our templates will let you freely focus on the appraisal job and need not worry about payment. We have created professional invoices which will get your payment on time.

Final words

Make sure you get well trained and qualified to become a jewel appraiser. Do not take things for granted as this industry is a dynamic one and you need to understand the business to provide a proper consultation to the jewel owner.

Also, remember that this business involves a lot of care as you may find people who steal jewels require your help to get appraised. Remember to register your service and take help from police to weed out these cheaters. Do not get into any trouble by appraising stolen jewels. Ask for the bill of purchase and ID proof before you provide your service to stay away from scammers.

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