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Church Charter Certificate: 12 Templates useful to prepare a Church Charter and Ordain People Yourself

A church building is for the purpose of religious activities or for Christian worship services like Ordination, Baptism etc. Have you ever heard of Church Charter!? Today, we have come up with a complete guide on Church Charter Certificate. Let us get into the details.

A church house is not only built on faith but also it is very much like a business. “How do I get my Church Charter” is the most frequently asked questions by anybody whoever wants to start a church. Many have a difficult time to get the answer to this question even though the answer is simple.

If you are in search of Church Charter Certificate Templates, we welcome you to read our document to get an awesome collection of templates. All the templates are easy to use and absolutely free.

Comprehensive Guide on Church Charter Templates

What is a Charter

A charter is an official document or grant of rights issued by a legislature, sovereign or authority such as church, college or bank that defines its purposes and privileges. If you are willing to get a charter for your church then all you need to do is incorporate your church details in the legislature. Then the state approves church charter or legal status and your church become a new entity. The process of getting a church charter is simple. Let us know in detail.

How to get church charter

Steps to get church charter are explained below.

  • Prepare your organization’s business format and tax-exempt status with the IRS and state Department of Revenue.
  • Now, the application for church charter is submitted to the parent ministry.
  • Without following the appropriate steps with the state department and IRS, you will not have legal standing to apply for the church charter.
  • Have a meeting with the church board to discuss the organization’s bylaws.
  • Define the church’s purpose and write the bylaws.
  • Apply for an Employer Identification
  • Complete Form 1023 and submit to IRS
  • Contact your state’s Department of Revenue and request an application to become tax-exempt.
  • Open a checking account once Form 1023 is processed and approved by the IRS.
  • Apply for a church charter with the appropriate ministry.

What is the Purpose or Origin of a Church Charter

The origin of church charter is given and created by the authority of the Head of the legally established church.

On the other hand, the purpose of the church charter was to grant the authority to begin a new congregation or church.

The church document is prepared on a few rules and regulations to get recognised as being legal. The rules are listed below:

  • The need for the establishment
  • The purpose of the establishment
  • List of leading members and Functions
  • A faith statement
  • A physical address
  • Witness signatures
  • …and the list goes on and on…

How to develop a charter for a new organisation

When a non-profit organisation or church is established, the state asks for two important documents i.e. a charter and by-laws. A charter is known as articles of incorporation that explains the purpose of a non-profit organization. By-laws are the bounded rules and regulations that the organization must abide.


  1. Identify the main purpose of the newly established organization and also write down the reason for the formation of an organization or church as well as how it serves the community.
  2. Find out the board members and directors of the organization. Include board director’s full names and a title of board position on the board.
  3. Mention the business location, primary contact person and primary contact phone number.


  1. Describe each and every position of Board of Directors and mention the role of each position.
  2. Define the election process of board members. Clearly, describe the rules and regulations of the election process and how the board members are elected according to the rules of the election process.

Also, mention the process of removing any of the board members for not complying with the rules and obligations.

  1. Define the membership requirements if any new member wants to join the organization. Also, mention the rules and what criteria the person must meet to become a board of member of the corporation.

What is a charter member of a church

The charter member of an organization is the original member of the corporation, that is, one who becomes the member when the particular organization receives its charter.


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